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Who we are

Global Technology Leaders is a leading oil services company providing well services technical – products – equipment and personal solution to all the clients in the oil and gas industry.

Our Vision

The Company’s vision is based on the values that underpin our business. It directs our strategy and our actions and unites us in pursuit of this common goal.
How we will act on our vision is displayed in our mission which sets out an inspirational path for the business to follow.

  • To create a global name, based on manpower capability, quality and service reliability.

  • Being able to communicate effectively and knowledgeably in the diverse range of countries/cultures in which we operate.

  • Developing a stable client base with significant repeat business.

  • A flexible and innovative approach towards the needs of our clients; aware of emerging trends and technological breakthroughs.



GT LEADRS is a major supplier that can meet the demands of the oil companies available in the local market. We give assurance to product quality and after sales service guaranteeing shortest possible deadlines.

For GT LEADRS to provide its clients with the best services and good delivery timing, we hold a wide range of stock locally, i.e. (Pipes, Fitting, Valves, Flanges, Electrical Tools, Drilling Tool, Chemicals For Oil Wells … etc.) and industrial tools.

GT LEADRS also has an agency agreement with the following traders, manufacturers and service provider in the Oil & Gas.

We deliver Directly from Stock, DDP, CIF/CFR, FCA or Ex-Works.

  •  Experience     



    3 – Years in Harouge for oil operations.

    2 – Years in Zueitina for oil operations.

    1 – Year in United Nations Children’s fund (UNICEF)

    2 – Years Ministry of Water Resources

    3.2. Business Ideas

    Benefit from all this knowledge, as well as networks and experiences to help customers solve their problems in the most adequate way:

    • By offering professional solutions from suppliers belonging to the major world players.
    • Help customers find the best solution independently of suppliers.
    • Our team is ready 24/7 for call to support our client.

    3.3. Requirements for a successful business


    • Safety first in our business.
    • Deal only with worldwide renowned companies.
    • Deal only with components of the best quality.
    • Limit the fix costs to a very minimum for being able to offer interesting prices.
    • Our team Trained to deliver very good services to our client.



    3.4. Areas of capability

    New Projects, Extensions, Modernizing or Revamping.

    Drilling and workover in Libya.

Our values and culture

Trusted Partners

Together, we’re better.

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Mission Statement

“To be the leader in providing the best value to our customers through a commitment to high standards of service quality and products, innovative solutions and superior customer support.”

Salah Shniba